Why More Firms Are Working Remotely With Clients

Working remotely with clientsIn order to grow revenues, many service based businesses need to make the strategic decision of working remotely with clients, rather than face-to-face.

Remote client management is already well practiced in industries such as IT support and web development.  Indeed, many firms in these industries have never actually met some clients in person, yet they have built up strong working relationships and have generated valuable revenues.

So, how easy is it to do and what are the benefits?  This post examines what’s involved in working remotely with customers.


Small Business Crisis Management Tips

Small Business Crisis ManagementAs small businesses grow, so does the range of risks they are exposed to.  The trouble is that many small business owners ignore the important task of undertaking regular risk assessments.  The consequences of failing to perform regular risk reviews can be devastating.  This approach to risk management will help to ensure small businesses can survive a crisis.

How Cluster Collaboration can help small businesses

small business cluster collaborationWhen a small business needs to innovate it typically faces a funding problem.  That is especially the case if it involves research and development of new products or services.  The aim is to acquire some form of competitive advantage or compelling proposition that will help the business differentiate itself from others, but that usually involves a lot of time, effort and therefore cost.

But there are ways to establish an advantage that doesn’t require massive funding.  It’s more about being innovative in the way you approach business development. This post about Cluster collaboration explains one example.

Key Technology Trends for Small Businesses in 2014

Technology Trends for 2014Planning for 2014? Many firms will be actively reviewing budgets and planning expenditure for the next twelve months.  With the economy set to improve, many business owners will be looking to refresh their infrastructure and systems.  But what are the technology trends for small businesses?  Where should you make your technology investments in 2014?

Scan the websites of analysts and commentators and some common themes appear.  This post explains what they are and how they could impact small businesses.

Successful small business collaboration strategies

Successful small business collaboration strategiesWhat are the best collaboration strategies for small businesses?  The more commonly used ones tend to fall under three primary headings: Product and Service Development; Business Processes Re-Design; New Markets and Channel Distribution.

This post takes a look at the main strategies under each of these headings.  By starting with one of these approaches, small businesses can significantly improve the probability of a successful collaboration that drives rapid business growth.

Key business collaboration success factors

Successful business collaborationsOver 90% of firms that entered into a business collaboration venture claim that it generated some business benefit.

But collaborating with other firms requires hard work and is not without risk.  The good news is that you can improve the probability of a positive outcome by being aware of some key business collaboration success factors.